Lauren & Branden find love on a Spring Lake bridge – Waterview Pavilion NJ Wedding

Lauren & Branden found us via their friends Amy & Brian who we just did the Wedding for in July 2017. The two of them had a Burgundy, Ivory & Gray color theme. Formal photos were taken at a popular bridge in Spring Lake after the ceremony at Life Chapel and Reception at Waterview Pavilion.

In their own words:

High school sweethearts, best friends since 15 years old. Similar upbringings, lots of raw honesty with each other. We can be in a room alone us two and just laugh our butts off. I fell in love with his humor, his eyes, his kind heart, his sarcasm and his good attitude no matter what the situation was adverse or positive! We went to senior ball together, graduated together, established goals together, made plans and dreams together, cried together and are still growing together! Praying to be Godly parents that instill good roots in our children and future. Staying traditional yet striving for success in a world with lots of strife, and darkness that has let go of deep roots in God and marriage.

Two kids who fell in love really hard basically. Striving for a bright future made from hard work and lots of heart.